Sales Quota Profiles Add-in

In reality managing sales quota is time consuming and prone to mistakes, especially for a large sales force. Companies today are often not realizing the full potential of their sales management processes. Manual processes, no standardization, and lack of analytics often hold companies back from maximizing their sales force productivity and pipeline.

The Goldmine Sales Quota add-in makes managing your sales team easier and more efficient with added in-depth analytical insight. 

If you want more granular sales tracking and/or your team is large our Sales Quota Add-in can help you:

  • Create sales quota for each product within a specified period

  • Build a portfolio of products with sales targets and assign this to a sales team member
  • Build sales quota for multiple period intervals

- Monthly
- Quarterly
- Semi Annually
- Annually

  • Create the sales Quota Profile once and assign to many sales users in Goldmine

  • Monitor your sales performance in real time

  • Monitor sales team performance by product and period

  • Monitor company wide sales performance using the executive Dashboard

For a small additional cost you can supercharge your sales management in Goldmine and achieve higher numbers.