Zoho Consulting

Efiniti Solutions provide inexpensive, professional services for micro to medium businesses globally who are interested in the many benefits of using Zoho cloud software. We will become your trusted Zoho application technical implementers serving side by side with your team to deliver value to your organization and ultimately your clients. 

Our highly experienced Zoho Consultants will provide technical and business advice guiding you to the best combination of Zoho Applications to meet your business needs, whether you need a simple contact management system or an invoice tool to invoice your small client base; to more complex implementations involving multiple users and even integrated apps that provide a complete 360 degree view of your growing business.

All our consultants are either trained software engineers or developers who are guided by strict software implementation principles and methodologies. This discipline leads to high-quality deliverables to our clients. Our consultants have been through the prescribed training material for Zoho and have been certified.

We are experts in the following Zoho Applications:

  • CRM
  • Creator
  • Books
  • Campaigns
  • Checkout
  • Desk
  • Inventory
  • Invoice
  • People
  • Project
  • Sign
  • Writer
  • Survey
  • Social 



Zoho Implementation

Zoho CRM has many configurable features to perform a range of tasks. Your choice of features and configuration determines how beneficial and profitable Zoho CRM will be for your business. No two businesses are the same. No two Zoho CRM implementations should be either. The most profitable implementations of Zoho CRM are based on a strong Zoho CRM strategy. Our Zoho experts can provide a strategic implementation of Zoho CRM to set you up for success.

Zoho Development

Creating custom functionalities in your Zoho CRM removes obstacles, allowing you to focus your energy on growing your business. Both small to medium size businesses and larger enterprises can benefit from Zoho’s flexible platform.

We can take your CRM and fully customize it based on your requirements. Our development consultants will turn a process that requires multiple clicks and typing into a single click action by building intelligent automation and custom apps. This will lead to greater efficiency and allow your team to focus on delivering value to your business. 

Our expertise in customizing Zoho applications goes beyond its CRM. We take time to learn your business and develop business process flows that is designed for efficient processes aligned to your business model. We produce the flows charts for you to review and give us feedback where we optimize. 


We also work with and communicate directly with the Zoho teams on a daily basis and have access to their pool of expert technicians and Zoho developers; if there is something we cannot answer directly, we can meet online with people who can.