Goldmine Mobile

Written by Friday, 13 March 2015 23:37
GoldMine Mobile provides mobile users with critical, real-time CRM information and tools via their smartphones and tablets. Give your sales agents access to their most important sales and service information while they’re travelling or just out of the office


  • Instant, wireless access to your contacts and scheduled activities
  • Rich user interface responds to intuitive touchscreen gestures
  • Makes calls and compose emails linked to your GoldMine
  • View histories and activities for any contact
  • Schedule follow-up activities for yourself and others
  • Manage opportunities and perform service engagements
  • SMS reminders ensure no activity is missed while you’re on the road




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Sales Quota Profiles Add-in

Written by Tuesday, 10 March 2015 18:12
In reality managing sales quota is time consuming and prone to mistakes, especially for a large sales force. Companies today are often not realizing the full potential of their sales management processes. Manual processes, no standardization, and lack of analytics often hold companies back from maximizing their sales force productivity and pipeline.

The Goldmine Sales Quota add-in makes managing your sales team easier and more efficient with added in-depth analytical insight. 

If you want more granular sales tracking and/or your team is large our Sales Quota Add-in can help you:

  • Create sales quota for each product within a specified period

  • Build a portfolio of products with sales targets and assign this to a sales team member
  • Build sales quota for multiple period intervals

- Monthly
- Quarterly
- Semi Annually
- Annually

  • Create the sales Quota Profile once and assign to many sales users in Goldmine

  • Monitor your sales performance in real time

  • Monitor sales team performance by product and period

  • Monitor company wide sales performance using the executive Dashboard

For a small additional cost you can supercharge your sales management in Goldmine and achieve higher numbers.

Goldmine Web

Written by Tuesday, 10 March 2015 17:03
Your GoldMine CRM, accessible through a browser. Ideal for new users, remote offices, work at home, or traveling.

Provides access to your GoldMine database using any web browser

  • Get detailed contact record views including pending and completed activities, custom fields, notes and details
  • A graphical calendar helps you to stay organized by scheduling calls, appointments, actions and much more
  • Automatically link sent and received emails using your local email client
  • GoldMine Web is included free with the purchase of Premium licenses  – new or  upgrades. GoldMine Premium customers who are current with their maintenance are also entitled to the upgrade to GoldMine Web




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GoldMine Premium Edition

Written by Monday, 19 January 2015 14:49
Over 1 million users have selected GoldMine to help them manage over one billion relationships and build enduring relationships that enable them to thrive.

GoldMine’s robust capabilities and high ease-of-use deliver rapid time to benefit and return on investment. With GoldMine, you’ll:

  • Improve effectiveness, accelerating your goal achievement up to 15%
  • Boost productivity up to 10%
  • Increase the number of deals you close by up to 16%
  • Retain 50% more of your customers over a five-year period


Rich Feature Set

Complete CRM Dashboards

Manage your business relationship needs with a complete set of visual dashboards, including:

  •  Pre-built dashboard parts for marketing, sales, and customer service
  • Ability to configure your own dashboards.


Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Preview GoldMine information directly from Outlook; no need to switch back and forth
  • Users can drill into GoldMine records, improving user adoption


Relationship Management

  • Easily and effectively manage every relationship in your business community


 Sales Management

  • Maintain a consistent selling process
  • Get insight into where you win most
  • Get visibility into your pipeline and forecast


Constant Contact Integration

  • No HTML experience required to send business-professional emails
  • GoldMine’s filtering capabilities will let you prepare lists for targeted campaigns
  • View campaign results for new and existing campaigns
  • Watch Quick Start Videos to Learn More


Social Media Integration

  • Real-time query and view from your databases
  • Links to social media sites
  • Links to Google maps and search


Campaign Management

  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Target the right contacts with a better understanding of your best customer
  • Manage your leads more effectively with lead analysis tools



Customer Service and Support

  • Manage service requests effectively
  • Improve client satisfaction and customer retention
  • Analyze and resolve customer service issues with Knowledge Base features


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